For High-Quality Decorative Glazing Solutions, You Can Rely On Us

Shenzhen Dragon Glass Co., Ltd was founded in 1994. During the past decades of hard work now grow into a big company of 4 factories which can guarantee a large output of splendid quality decorative glass products.

We have been creating value for construction by supplying good-quality decorative glass since its foundation. We honor each of our clients and keeping our promise during the past 27 years. That is why our company stands so long time and keep growing. We are looking forward to your coming to visit our factories for cooperation in the future.

As one of China’s leading decorative glass suppliers offering glazing solutions to trade and overseas customers. Cause we specialize in glass, you can be assured that every member of our team is a well-trained, experienced expert in their field with a passion for the career path they have chosen. This means that we always give clear and honest advice that is based on years of training and experience.

Our wide range of clients includes architects, interior designers, glass companies, homeowners, and builders. We create storefronts, exterior walls, interior walls, windows, glass floors, railings, mirrors, shower enclosures, and much more! With over 20 years of industry experience, we are confident that our superior quality and expertise will help you get exactly what you’re looking for. We proudly serve the worldwide area.

As an independent decorative glass supplier, we always strive towards the highest quality product, workmanship, finish, and customer care, using the latest technology to provide outstanding quality at competitive rates. If you have a project that requires high-quality decorative glass, then contact Shenzhen Dragon Glass today.

Call on 0086-755-84652940, email us at [email protected], or fill in the inquiry form on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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