Dichroic Glass

Dichroic glass, also called fusion glass, is glass treated with various metal oxides to make it appear to have many colors. Developed for use in the American space program, dichroic glass is now popular.

The name comes from a Greek word meaning “two colors.”

Dichroic glass is innately interactive in nature. As the viewer’s angle to the glass changes, so does its color, giving its kinetic iridescent characteristics.

Production Process Technology

Dichroic glass is produced by stacking layers of glass and micro-layers of Quartz Crystal and Metal Oxides (which are vaporized in a vacuum chamber and then applied to the surface of the glass in multiple layers) to create decorative glass with shifting color structures. The glass can have as many as 30 layers of this coating, yet the total coating is extremely thin.

Generally, dichroic glass has two very distinct colors: transmitted and reflected. The “transmitted color” is the color we see when we gaze through a clear piece of dichroic glass. The “reflected color” is the color we see in a clear or opaque piece of dichroic glass when light bounces off of the surface of the glass.

For example, a “Blue/Gold” coating on the clear glass will transmit blue and reflect gold. However, when black or opaque glass is coated with the same “Blue/Gold”, you will only see the reflected shade of Gold with very subtle hints of blue when the glass is held at a 45% angle.

Available in monolithic or laminated form, dichroic can be paired with alternative products like metal mesh or fabrics to create a striking and unique feature piece that will elevate any space with dramatic effects.

Features & Benefits

  • Dichroic glass is specifically designed to be a deep process in any way but can also be used in its raw form.
  • It has a transmitted color and a completely different reflective color. These two colors shift depending on the angle of view. With the play of light together with its vibrant color, dichroic glass is a prime tool used to add interest.
  • Dichroic glass finishes offer a way to create unique, ever-changing color to many interior glass building surfaces.
  • Dichroic glass possesses high scratch resistance and chemical resistance.
  • We can tailor the glass with a wide range of finishes, textures, and light-diffusing interlayers, creating a myriad of effects. Adding a matte finish, for example, can soften the shifting hues. Adding a sharp texture has the opposite effect, intensifying the color.

Product Specifications

  • Glass Thickness: Any combination of glass, 3mm to 19mm
  • Max size: 2660*7500mm
  • Glass color: Clear, ultra-clear
  • Glass Type: Fluted glass, cast glass, carved glass, colored glass, mesh& fabric glass, etc
  • Processing methods: monolithic or laminated form(dichroic film)
  • Shape: Flat, curve
  • Capacity: 500 SQM/DAY
  • Quality: Subject to CE/ASTM/AS/ISO9001/BS/CE
  • Production time: 15~25 days

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