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IMG 0956
Fluted glass/Ribbed glass
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Laminated Mirror Glass
IMG 0734
Digital Printed Glass
4 2
Frosted Glass
2 雕刻
Craved Glass/Groove glass
5 Slik Screen Glass
Silk Screen Printed Glass
8 Dichroic glass
Dichroic glass
smart glass.jpg 副本
Switching Glass/PDLC Glass
6 color PVB glass 2
Colored PVB Laminated Glass
IMG 0701
Mesh & Fabric Laminated Glass
11 LED Glass
LED Laminated Glass
12 more
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Shenzhen Dragon Glass specializes in decorated glass since 1994, we are open-minded, ambitious, creative for new products. Respect the ideas of every designer, responsible for your masterpieces. Produce the glass according to your design plan. Bring your product ideas to reality.

If you do not see what you are looking for there are many other products and styles we offer that are too numerous to list. Custom fabrications are available, whenever applicable and feasible. Please let us assist you with your next purchase or improvement project.
decorative glass
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