Mesh & Fabric Laminated Glass

By combining a mix of glass and metalized mesh or fabric, we created the most alluring architectural product available today – Mesh & Fabric Laminated Glass.

With its unique texture and selection of different materials, mesh&fabric laminated glass can enhance any space as a decorative feature in both interior and exterior designs.

Production Process technology

Laminating is primarily a method of producing the mesh&farbric glass.

Using two pieces of glass panels laminated by an Eva interlayer together with a mesh or fabric texture material, this Eva lamination is undertaken by a high-temperature lamination oven and in a vacuum environment. After the lamination, the mesh laminated glass will be bonded permanently together.

There are multiple colors or patterns of mesh laminated glass available.

New developments in laminating technology have given us the flexibility to include & color, fabric, or other materials into the interlayer, adding an exciting, aesthetic and dimension.

Features & Benefits

  • Extremely safe, the Eva lamination can ensure the EVA laminated glass endure strong impact without breaking, even one piece of glass is broken, the pieces will be adhered to the EVA interlayer permanently without spreading away.
  • By changing the degree of light, texture, and color of mesh and fabric glass, to create aesthetic sense.
  • Good chemical stability, alkali resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, and other chemical corrosion.
  • Soundproofing, the EVA laminated glass can isolate the sound by about 35dB+.

Product Specifications

  • Glass Thickness: Any combination of flat glass 5mm  to 19mm
  • Max size: 2660*7500mm
  • Glass color: clear, ultra-clear, grey, bronze, blue, green, etc
  • Glass Type: metal mesh EVA laminated glass, wire mesh EVA laminated glass, fabric mesh EVA laminated glass, copper mesh EVA laminated glass, etc
  • Eva interlayer: 0.38, 0.76, 1.14, 1.52, etc;
  • Shape: flat/curved
  • Capacity: 2000 SQM/DAY
  • Quality: subject to CE/ASTM/AS/ISO9001/BS/CE
  • Production time: 10~15 days

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