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Moru glass – one of the best decorative glass

Moru glass has been a long time favorite for decoration purposes, it provides a good sense of space and keeps privacy for rooms, meanwhile allowing certain visual lights through. The function of moru glass has made it one of the best decorative glass for interior designs.

What is moru glass?

Moru glass is also called fluted glass, or ribbed glass in different countries or areas. It has vertical textures on the glass surface, which will result in lights transmit in a hazy effect. This function makes it a super good option for interior designs no matter for commercial buildings or residential housing areas where elegant feelings are needed. Ribbed glass is widely applied in partitions, dividers, shower doors, cabinets, windows& doors, pool fencings, balustrades, etc.

Fluted glass price

Features of Moru glass

1)Light transmittance but with privacy keeping:

Moru pattern glass provides good light transmittance while the privacy effect is fantastic. As is common sense that the vertical lights will provide a slim sense of space which as a result makes you a good sense of feeling the room is bigger. Also when used as a partition wall, it does not block the light and will increase the beauty sense.

Fluted glass with privacy

2)Wide range of applications

Moru pattern glass can be used in multiple options such as railings, restaurant dividers, shower screens, office partitions, decoration walls, windows, doors, cabinets, etc.

Multiple fluted glass applications

3)Different types and thickness options.

Moru pattern glass has multiple types with colors in clear/ultra clear/bronze/brown/blue, etc. And thickness range from 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc.
Moru glass texture also has narrow rib and wider rib types. So when choosing the actual type of glass for your designs, you can contact us for the best options.

wide ribbed fluted glass VS narrow ribbed fluted glass

4)We could process multiple shapes and colors, different combinations.

We could provide large sheets of Moru pattern glass such as 2000*2400 2000*3300 2100*2440 2100*2200, etc in 20GP containers.
Also, we could process the glass for you in cut to custom sizes such as round shapes, triangle shapes, curved shapes, etc. We provide single-tempered panels, and laminated glass panels as well. All according to your projects.

Multiple fluted glass options

Types of Moru glass

Generally speaking, Ribbed Glass has 2 types, Moru Glass Texture – I is the narrow rib one, and Moru Glass Texture – II is the wider rib one. Both are in the domain of patterned glass.
If you need a special design of a fluted glass pattern, we could use the other process – the carving process, which is a higher cost but could fulfill every type of design with absolutely no problem.

Comparisons of Moru glass with other glass:

Moru glass VS frosted glass

Moru pattern glass and frosted glass both could provide a good sense of privacy. Frosted glass normally is processed by an acid etching process or sandblasted process or ceramic frit process to achieve defused and frosted effect. Compared to ribbed pattern glass, it has a less elegant feeling.

fluted glass vs frosted glass

Moru glass VS clear glass

Clear glass is a simple and flat surface, it has not any privacy functions, when you need privacy and need decoration for the room, ribbed glass is more suggested.

fluted glass vs frosted glass

Moru glass VS glass block

Glass block is also called glass brick, it is thicker and less lightly to be used as partitions. When you use partition designs, shower doors, railings, ribbed glass could give you more flexible options.

fluted glass wall
glass brick wall

Applications of ribbed glass

Ribbed glass could be adopted in multiple places such as partition walls, shower dividers, railings, balustrades, doors, windows, etc. Some photos as shown below:

Ribbed glass for railings

fluted glass for railings

Ribbed glass for partitions:

fluted glass for partitions

Ribbed glass for doors:

fluted glass for doors

Ribbed glass for windows

Fluted glass for windows

Ribbed glass for shower dividers:

Moru glass with golden frame

You can see when ribbed glass combines with a golden or black color frame, it will manifest a splendid sense of space.

Shenzhen Dragon Glass Ribbed Glass Solutions

Production nameMoru glass/fluted glass/ribbed glass
ColorClear/low iron/bronze/grey/other tinted colors, etc;
Thickness4mm/5mm/8mm/10mm, etc
ShapeRound/rectangle/triangle/flat/curved, etc;
SizesLarge sheets: 2000*2400mm 2100*2440mm 2000*3300, etc
Cut to customize sizes of tempered panels or laminated glass panels available;
MOQFor large sheets, MOQ is 1*20GP;
For cut to customized sizes, MOQ is 50SQM
QualityCE/ASTM/AS/ISO9001/CCC/BS, etc
Lead time7~12 days after the order is confirmed;
SamplesFree at 5 days;
PackingFree for 5 days;

Packing & loading details

Packing details

If you have any questions or inquiries related to fluted glass/ribbed glass, please feel free to contact us at once, we are ready to talk!

We are ready, let's talk!


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