PDLC Glass

PDLC glass is also called switching glass or smart switchable glass. As a new type of special privacy glass which is processed by laminated the switchable film between two pieces of glass, using laminated technology, let the switchable film always be sandwiched between the glass without separating.


Our switchable privacy glass has passed various stringent tests, ensuring the high quality of the product. When power is on, the all-optical pass rate is up to 82%, the fog is less than 3.5% when power is off, the fog is up to 95%, the power consumption is less than 4w/ m², the photoelectric performance is excellent, and reaches the international advanced level.

Features & Benefits

  • Privacy protection
  • Projection function
  • Safety: switchable glass has all the characteristics of laminated safety glass, which can prevent the flying of debris after rupturing of glass. On another hand, the strength of this glass is also excellent.
  • Switchable privacy glass can block the heat, with more than 99 % of UV light, and more than 90% IR light.
  • Soundproofing features

Product Specifications

  • Glass Thickness:  Any combination of flat glass 5mm  to 19mm
  • Max size: 2440*3660mm
  • Glass color: clear, ultra-clear, grey, bronze, blue, green, etc
  • Switchable film color: purple, green, orange, yellow, blue, red, grey, black, etc
  • Shape: flat/curved
  • Capacity: 1500 SQM/DAY
  • Quality: subject to CE/ASTM/AS/ISO9001/BS/CE
  • Production time: 15~25 days

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